VaneTec Fletchings & Adhesives

Many products claim to be the best, but many are simply generic super glues. With the high-tech composite material used in archery today, specialized adhesives are necessary. The ArrowSmith Kit is the solution for all archery adhesion issues. V-Tough Insert & Component Adhesive is a 0.7 oz bottle that’s the veteran roughneck in the field [...]
Fletchin Adhesive
A precision engineered vane is only as good as the bond that holds it. Which is why VaneTec doesn’t stop at creating just the most exacting vanes in the business. They need an equally high-performing adhesive. VT-1000 Vane and Component Adhesive is an unsurpassed formula that completes the package. VT-1000 is made with Permabond cyanoacrylate, [...]
VaneTec 4
The new Swift Series is a sleek shield cut vane with a narrow base and excellent memory. They are capable of guiding arrows to the same spot every time, are simple to apply with no prep required, and Swift Series vanes will withstand the abuse of field archery. Available in three sizes, all available in: [...]
VaneTec 3
V-MAX vanes are a standard profile vane specifically designed for increasing the surface area resulting in immediate control. V-MAX vanes provide unmatched durability. Durable enough to withstand the demand of pass-thru shots attainable with today’s high speed bows and crossbows.
VaneTec 2
Low profile, lightweight vanes designed for extreme accuracy shooting long distance shots in the field, 3-D and hunting situations. Super Spine vanes create less wind drift to maintain a flatter trajectory. The 1.75” FITA is the smallest vane in the Super Spine line-up, weighing in at only 2.6 grains.
VaneTec 1
HP vanes are the toughest and lightest high profile vanes on the market today. When fetched with VaneTec’s VT-1000 adhesive, these vanes will not come off your arrows. HP vanes will increase steering capabilities with zero flutter.

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